We here at Claremont Used have financing available for our clients.
Our financing for the vehicles on our Lot is with Wesbank. Before applying, let’s check the necessary.

1. Personal Income
and Expenses

When you apply, you’ll need to provide us with proof of your monthly income and a list of your regular monthly expenses.We’ll use this information to calculate how much vehicle financing you qualify for. It’s important to provide accurate information and have a copy of your bank statements and pay slips on hand.

2. Vehicle affordability

The price of the vehicle you’ll be able to finance depends on affordability. How much money you have available to pay your instalments, insurance and petrol each month. Remember, the total cost of your vehicle can’t exceed your take-home income.

3. Monthly repayment amount

New vehicle owners take note. Monthly car repayments have to be paid, and they are a serious financial commitment. Before you sign your finance agreement, make sure that you can really afford the monthly payment.

4. Finance terms
(number of months)

A vehicle can be financed over four, or five, or even six years, and the longer your terms, the less your monthly payment will be. On the other hand, paying your vehicle off sooner will save you interest payments.

5. Deposits

By paying a deposit when you buy your new vehicle, you’ll reduce the total amount you need to finance. This means you can pay your vehicle off faster or reduce your monthly instalments.

6. Your credit score

Without a healthy credit score it’s very difficult to finance a large item like a motor vehicle. Make sure your credit score is good by making your bond, credit card, and retail account payments on time each month.

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We are a black owned and controlled company and are in compliance with all South Africa’s recommended codes of good practice. We are fully compliant with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. In addition, we are also RMI approved and certified.

We at Claremont Used strive to offer excellent, reliable service and quality together with competitive prices

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